• We delivered the first truly global POS deployed to over 30,000 locations in 95+ countries
  • A single kernel with regionally developed extensions
  • Multi: currency, language, character, tax, gov’t regulation… sometimes in the same store
  • Operating “every and any” possible service and drive-thru model
  • Implemented and maintained with a groundbreaking support process


  • In 2008, we launched MW:NEO
  • Same core leadership and development team
  • Completed development of a new system called MW:APP
  • Architected solution from the ground up to take advantage of modern technologies
  • Applied all of the many lessons learned from previous experience and product challenges

Key objectives of MW:APP design

  • Flexible platform to support current and future requirements
  • Adaptability to new technologies
  • Low investment and support cost


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  • A Modern Retail Application Platform
  • Development platform specifically built in best-in-class retail and restaurant capabilities
  • Highly Portable, Technology Agnostic Architecture Standards based
  • Environment and tools for custom application development
  • Reliable design and failover capability
  • Support of lowest cost (thin) configuration models
  • Flexible modern GUI design to enable highly tailored user experiences
  • Centralized data management, deployment and application support

A platform for all your restaurant needs, including but not limited to:

  • POS (Point Of Sale) - Front Counter, Drive-Thru, Walk-Thru
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Remote Order Takers
  • Kiosk
  • Back office

Key attributes

Maintainable, Extensible, Configurable, Scalable, Reliable, Available, Durable, Efficient, Uniform, Usable, Interoperable

Value Provided to End-Users

  • Unified/Global POS approach
  • Globalization of training and operations
  • Competitive advantages by improved productivity
  • Total Cost of Ownership measurable reductions
  • Automation of previously manual tasks
  • Ability to perform entirely new tasks or functions
  • Compliance to current standards or regulations
  • Improved usability or reduced frustration level compared to current applications
  • Integration with other/legacy systems

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