• We delivered the first truly global POS deployed to over 30,000 locations in 95+ countries
  • A single kernel with regionally developed extensions
  • Multi: currency, language, character, tax, gov’t regulation… sometimes in the same store
  • Operating “every and any” possible service and drive-thru model
  • Implemented and maintained with a groundbreaking support process


  • In 2008, we launched MW:NEO
  • Same core leadership and development team
  • Completed development of a new system called MW:APP
  • Architected solution from the ground up to take advantage of modern technologies
  • Applied all of the many lessons learned from previous experience and product challenges


The MediaWorks team is arguably the most experienced group in QSR POS with 23 years of experiencing building QSR solution for Tier 1 operators:

  • 1998 – MW’s first point-of-sale solution was developed for McDonald’s Brazil and quickly deployed to other countries in Latin America
  • 2001 – MW’s NewPOS was named global POS solution in McDonald’s and deployed to +95 countries (POS, KDS + Drive Thru)
  • 2001-2005 – Established global footprint w/ NewPOS “Centers of Excellence” in Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney and London
  • 2006 – MW parent, Savista, was sold to Torex Retail in the UK (now owned by Oracle) for over $50MM - MediaWorks entity remained original founders
  • 2007 – Global license to Subway (selected finalist after a 1-year RFP)
  • 2007 – Sold source code of NewPOS and over 70 members of the NewPOS team to McDonald’s (became RDI and NewPOS remains in place today)
  • 2008 – MW team broke away from Torex to develop a new point-of-sale solution applying all of the lessons of prior venture
  • 2008 – Launched Wendy’s solution to US franchisees
  • 2009 – Contracted by Subway to implement and support POS and to develop a new Back Of House solution
  • 2012 – Contracted by Panera Bread to develop Back of House, Kiosk, Catering POS, Front Counter POS and Kitchen Production
  • 2015 – e-Deploy and MW partner to deploy solution to Burger King Brazil (800+ stores) including self-ordering kiosk and mobile app for pick up orders
  • 2017 – Selected by RBI to be the company’s preferred software solution for Latin America. Added Popeyes in Brazil
  • 2018 – Merged MW and e-Deploy to transform the offering from a “boutique services agency” performing custom solutions to a more traditional recurring revenue model
  • 2019 – Current customers include Life Alive Organic Café, BKB, Dunkin Donuts, Dona Nuvem, Urbano. Piloting in Habibs, Applebee’s, BK Mexico

Through our history implementing McDonald’s, Subway, RBI and others, the core team has developed, customized and led the implementation of solutions on every continent and developed a unique model for working globally with a select group of long-term partners who provide local training and highly skilled engineers to provide localization and ongoing support of the system in native languages, custom and understanding of local and regional requirements.

Key objectives of MW:APP design

  • Flexible platform to support current and future requirements
  • Adaptability to new technologies
  • Low investment and support cost


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  • A Modern Retail Application Platform
  • Development platform specifically built in best-in-class retail and restaurant capabilities
  • Highly Portable, Technology Agnostic Architecture Standards based
  • Environment and tools for custom application development
  • Reliable design and failover capability
  • Support of lowest cost (thin) configuration models
  • Flexible modern GUI design to enable highly tailored user experiences
  • Centralized data management, deployment and application support

A platform for all your restaurant needs, including but not limited to:

  • POS (Point Of Sale) - Front Counter, Drive-Thru, Walk-Thru
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Remote Order Takers
  • Kiosk
  • Back office

Key attributes

Maintainable, Extensible, Configurable, Scalable, Reliable, Available, Durable, Efficient, Uniform, Usable, Interoperable

Value Provided to End-Users

  • Unified/Global POS approach
  • Globalization of training and operations
  • Competitive advantages by improved productivity
  • Total Cost of Ownership measurable reductions
  • Automation of previously manual tasks
  • Ability to perform entirely new tasks or functions
  • Compliance to current standards or regulations
  • Improved usability or reduced frustration level compared to current applications
  • Integration with other/legacy systems

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